Otaku-con student

giroro- “sobbing” SARGE!! stay with me sarge!! DAMNIT it shoudlve been me! I wasn’t there to protect him 

Keroro- Giroro *cough cough,  you did our platoon proud, please don’t blame this on yourself. 

Giroro- ” Keroro please just hang on PLEASE!!!”

Keroro- ” *with a smile* you know i don’t think i am going to make it this time.. *starts sobbing, please tell the Hinatas thank you, for all they done for us.. and tell Fuyuki how thankful i am for being his best friend..*coughs up blood

Giroro- ” No please stop saying that, you are going to be ok!!! *sobbing again.. your going to be ok.. 

Keroro- ” *in a very low whisper, ” and let my comrades know how much i am thankful for them entering my life, you all are the best thing that ever happen to me…. *in an a extremely low whisper* a  r  i  g a t o……….

Giroro- ” Keroro? KERORO?!! *starts shaking him.. KERORO!!!!! DAMN IT!! KERORO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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